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Local and Offworld Links:

Check out some of the local articles I've written in past years for Waxtadpoles Anonymous.

Odyssey one - My bumbling, initial adventures to a Science Fiction Convention in Toronto back in 2001, and my birthday that year all lumped into one page. Don't expect any journalistic brilliance here folks.

Odyssey two - Yes, I know. I didn't learn from my first outing how bizarre Toronto is. I had to experience it again. Likely the geekiest event I've attended, ever.
The only redeeming value the article has is it's many pictures of absurdly dressed people - including stupid boxman.

The Canadian art world - Canadian online comic strips Ezine - Where do online comic authors get their strip ideas? A how-to in digital comic art, in depth interviews, and commentary on all aspects of the independent comic artist can be found here.

Fan Art! - An amazing rendition of my comic character (and myself... since I'm me!) by Camille.

http://ernie.forerunners.org [currently offline] - Part of the Forerunners network, this site contains accounts of my wacky adventures and digital version of my non-comic art.
Check it out if you ever wanted to see me spin in circles on film.

http://marathon.bungie.org/maraff/ - Part of the Bungie.org network; I run a literary submission archive. It holds a many good science fiction stories and a few of my own.

http://www.deadjournal.com/users/durandal/ - My BLOG/Online journal.
I was once told "...blogs are for depressed goths and fat girls". Since this cheery little message, I've turned my journal into a forum for funny little articles and rants.
Drop by there sometime, and comment on anything in particular.

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