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Created in December of 2003 and based in Peterborough, Canada: Canadian Web Comics Ezine is a website updated on a per-submission basis. While this one of the few websites that promotes web comic strips created in Canada, I hope it grows into a resource for all manners of web comic artists. Anyone wondering where authors get their strip ideas, to how-to's in digital comic art, in depth interviews, and commentary on all aspects of the independent comic artist - they're all here. Web comics since the early 90's have made steady gains, growing from a few hundred to thousands of sites hosted worldwide. While the quality varies, among this critical mass of work is a growing percentage of excellent material - on both sides of the Canada - U.S. border and around the world.

From the amateur artist to accomplished comic author, Canadian Web Comics Ezine investigates this interesting form of cultural production - in Canada and abroad.


Submitting Publications to Canadian Web Comics Ezine

CWCe accepts any form of digital information for posting - interviews, how-to articles, intellectual rants, and more as they relate to Web Comics in Canada. There are no deadlines for submitting as it's an ongoing project. To submit, please email a url or material to I look forward to seeing your work, but keep in mind that CWCe reserves the right to not post particular work if it is deemed offensive or hateful.


Contacting CWCe

For submissions or general information:


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